Monday, 31 January 2011

A sunday stroll

We leapt for the hedgerow once again then shrugged and started for home; was this really a peaceful towpath stroll or a walk in a velodrome?


Sunday, 30 January 2011

A Fishing Prayer

As its a sunday I'm posting an extra poem, without the 'twitter format' restriction. Its dedicated to my fishing instructor, companion, soul mate and true love

Worm and pellet, corn and bread
Cast offerings to the riverbed
By chub and perch, by roach and dace
Grant me good fishing in this place

 For stone and gravel, reed and bank
The water goddess I must thank
And leaf and flower and branch and tree
For shade and for tranquility

To bream and gudgeon, ruffe and rudd
Respect I offer, true and good
To grayling, salmon, barbel, trout
Reverence and praise devout

Hook and line and rod and reel
Thy rituals help my soul to heal
carp and eel and tench and pike
Please grant forgiveness for my strike

a little poem...

I write little poems, when I’ve got time, some may be ridiculous, others sublime, and some even end in a clever rhyme, but this one doesn’t.


Saturday, 29 January 2011

yesterday in A&E

ebb and flow, unseen feet, voices whispering. name called out, angry shout, quiet distant weeping. a trolley rattles by, as I lie, listening


Friday, 28 January 2011

what I did on my holidays

At Aberystwyth we searched the rock pools, and we found a hermit crab, once. We love the Aberystwyth pools, but the ones at Borth are better


the race

drums in body hearts apound, thundering hoofbeats rising from ground, exhilaration, visceral thrill, the horses the race the cheltenham hill


how tweet!

My budgie likes to play around, he switched on my PC, and tweeted all my followers pretending to be me. Question is, is this tweet me or he?