Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A poem for Marco

My latest poem will be posted here at a later date but can be seen on the Poetry 24 website, http://poetry-24.blogspot.com/  where it is the poem for Monday 24th October.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

There's enough of them already...

 This is very disorganised but that's how I'm feeling today so I make no apology, it just is what it is. 
This is what is happening in my street. Worst of all, they expect me to agree.

Up in arms, prepared to fight, the neighbours are stirred up,
The Club Has Closed.
The drinking den with smoking shelter (optional) attached
is gone but worse to come,
the rumour’s doing the rounds, we saw someone come out
Challenged him
What’s going on, what’s it going to be?
The answer couldn’t have been worse.

Crackhouse, Whorehouse, Paedophiles retreat?
No, worse (of course)

You never would believe what is afoot
Lowering the value of our properties,
The tone of the neighbourhood,
Bringing people in who don’t belong, here.

Yes, that’s right. A Mosque!

Something must be done.

Bring back the boozers, smokers, Saturday night 
shouting-in-the-streeters and
good old local 
Dope sellers.

No Mosque here, we say. 
No Way.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A poem for National Poetry Day

 First, some provenance:-  
Today on Facebook
 First post- 12hours ago
I might try to write a poem for National Poetry Day. Don't hold your breath- current ETA is 11.59pm..............
·  update: 11 hours ago
Got notebook, searching for favourite pencil.

· update: 9 hours ago
checking Twitter for inspiration.

· update: 8 hours ago
Jeremy Kyle on ITV2

· update: 7 hours ago
think I might pop to the corner shop for some chocolate......

· update: 6 hours ago
my legs need shaving

· update: 5 hours ago
why are my socks all similar but none of them actually seem to match? I'd better get the sock drawer sorted..........

· update: 4 hours ago
making progress. Well, started. Had a good idea, anyway. Now need to leave it for a bit to take our mother for her birthday chinese all-you-can-eat treat. May be some time.

· update: 22 minutes ago
back home now. After we got back to our mother's from the chinese all-you-can-eat we had a lovely chat and she read out her funeral plan to me. Now I'll get on with it before National Poetry Day actually ends.

· update: 20 minutes ago
I'll get on with it as soon as the Taylor/Nicholson darts match is finished

Update: 2 minutes ago
Done! Before the estimated ETA as well. Sharing link to blog post in a few minutes. Well, I hope it was worth the wait. Hello? Where is everybody? Anyone there? Oh no! Don’t say they got fed up of waiting. Bloody Hell, I’ve spent ALL DAY working on this......

Oh well .......

National Poetry Day 

For me it’s a whole day off work day
A winnie-the-pooh style of blustery day
It’s a rag-and-bone man in the street day
A bit weird being home in mid-week day

Its goodbye to ‘Palin for President’ day
And a good-riddance-too-we-all-say day
Ninety-nine percent march in New York day
And the media tries to ignore (again) day

It’s the rich buggers making a mint day
and pay off your debts (though you’re skint) day
It’s Cameron being a (k)nob day
Oh hang on that’s actually every day

It’s writing a poem for National Poetry Day day
An I-don’t-think-that-that-really-scanned day
A not going quite as I’d planned day
And a hope-that-you’ll-all-understand day

It’s May in a flap with a cat day
A ‘tear up the Human Right’s Act’ day
A loan sharks and crooks “let-us-prey” day
The long march from Jarrow again day

It’s a Middle East peace is a myth day
Another if-only/what-if day
It’s a what was I trying to say? day
Is it really that time of the day? day

A “hang on while I just feed the fish” day
An everything’s-starting-to-drift day
It’s our mother’s birthday (hooray) day
A 'big hug for the people we love' day

It’s RIP Apple’s Steve Jobs day
And thank you for all the iPods day
His advice- live as if it’s your last day, so
Be bold and creative and happy- today.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

well that's what I think anyway...

There is nothing wrong with the Human Rights Act itself, it's the way that it's interpreted that may occasionally be faulty. Obviously. It's similar to Health and Safety legislation; it gets pilloried in the right wing press but you really wouldn't want to be without it, it just gets interpreted over-zealously at times. Like the Qu-ran I suppose, all the problems it apparently causes seem to be the results of differences in interpretation. The Bible, too- I don't imagine there's a page in it that specifically instructs followers to be narrow-minded, spiteful bigots, but some people manage to interpret it that way.

Now there's only one way this is going, isn't there? If it's interpretation that's at fault, then that's what we need to ban/repeal/do away with/write bombastic editorials about, isn't it? 
If only people would stop interpreting things we'd all get on fine. 
Got it? Good.

Terms & Conditions:
This article and the views contained therein are NOT open to interpretation. Any attempt to interpret this article in any way, shape or form will result in serious consequences.

I mean it.