Wednesday, 5 October 2011

well that's what I think anyway...

There is nothing wrong with the Human Rights Act itself, it's the way that it's interpreted that may occasionally be faulty. Obviously. It's similar to Health and Safety legislation; it gets pilloried in the right wing press but you really wouldn't want to be without it, it just gets interpreted over-zealously at times. Like the Qu-ran I suppose, all the problems it apparently causes seem to be the results of differences in interpretation. The Bible, too- I don't imagine there's a page in it that specifically instructs followers to be narrow-minded, spiteful bigots, but some people manage to interpret it that way.

Now there's only one way this is going, isn't there? If it's interpretation that's at fault, then that's what we need to ban/repeal/do away with/write bombastic editorials about, isn't it? 
If only people would stop interpreting things we'd all get on fine. 
Got it? Good.

Terms & Conditions:
This article and the views contained therein are NOT open to interpretation. Any attempt to interpret this article in any way, shape or form will result in serious consequences.

I mean it.

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