Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Words or phrases that rhyme with nice or Nice.....

Elbow grease, press release, market price, dry ice, fish slice, twice, thrice, breach of the peace, obese
and Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Someone asked me if I used a rhyme-finding website. I have to confess I didn't know they existed and wouldn't have used one anyway but I was intrigued so I took a peek. I typed in a random word and was fascinated by the results. I carefully chose some interesting examples to fit my 140 character remit and also give a 'nice' rhythm to this found poem.
I have also invented a new game for myself (and anyone else who wants to try it) as I then couldn't resist seeing if I could do the same for another word, and still make it scan and fit the format. I can't promise that I won't return to this theme again...and again......


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