Friday, 18 February 2011

should I write to my MP?

Here's a dilemma. The government seem to have backed down on their proposal to sell off areas of the national forests. It is reported that the minister concerned, Caroline Spelman, has admitted to making 'a mistake'. However, I have a letter from my MP, Paul Uppal, explaining at length that the sale of the forests would be A GOOD THING, giving them more protection than they have at present, and urging me to trust the government to get it right. PLEASE TELL ME THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Should I bin the letter and forget it, or write to my esteemed MP and explain that his letter was so convincing that I would like him to explain why the government are making the terrible mistake of not going through with the proposals. Will he now, I would ask, be pressing the government to tell him, and me, why what he thought was such a good idea is now a dead duck. Do you think that it would be kind of me to point out to him that his own government appear to have made a fool of him? I wouldn't dream of poking a wounded creature with a pointy stick but poking politicians is such fun- shall I? Please help me with a comment.


  1. :) I did with mine. I have yet to have a reply to that though. Poor man is obviously confused. bx

  2. Oh good for you! Were you being public spirited or just mischievous I wonder.......

  3. Oh both for sure ... well he's not only a politician but a bloody Tory ... now there's motivation to move to Durham - an MP who isn't a Tory ;) bx