Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Sunday Bonus

 But Is It Reliable?

Sold on the open market
I really think he wouldn’t fetch a lot
His condition, for his year, is not quite mint
Far from it really,
though he probably has got
a few more miles left in him
if nursed with care, and regularly
He’s not a bad little runner, though,
but actually
that’s only if you’re chasing him
And I rather think his bodywork
could do with some attention
It’s possible, I hate to say
his 'big end' may be going soon.
It sounds as if the only thing to do is trade him in.
What would I be wanting with a brand new shiny model?
They’re more trouble than they’re worth (I’m told)
My old but trusty Banger
Might be ready for the scrapheap, soon
But just for now he’ll do me fine
I’ll get a sticker for him
“Yes, he might be tatty but
he’s paid for and he’s mine”

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