Thursday, 3 March 2011

A little explanation

The poem Gerroff! might be puzzling to some readers, especially those not local to the Midlands of England. I live in Wolverhampton, in 'The Black Country' and the poem is written in the local dialect. I hope that if you read it out exactly as it is written it will give you some flavour of this wonderful, rich and entertaining way of speaking.

It refers to Brum, a slang term for Birmingham, and in this case means Birmingham City Football Club who seem to have picked up a little trophy last weekend. It's 48 years since they last had something to put in their cabinet. The reference to the Baggies (and yes, I have been naughty and changed it slightly from this morning's version) is about West Bromwich Albion, a football team from a town roughly between Wolverhampton and Birmingham. They may well be relegated to a lower league this season (they're going down) it would be a miracle if they stayed up. There is no reference in the poem to The Wolves (Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club), although I was tempted. There is some small rivalry between The Wolves and the Baggies, and The Blues (Birmingham City) and Aston Villa (another football team from the Birmingham area).
I must also point out that Wolverhampton is in no way a part of Birmingham, and indeed would dig itself up and haul itself further away if that were possible. Birmingham is also not a part of the Black Country.

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