Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Sunday Bonus...a true story


As I was listening to the whispering reeds
and pond’ring on the ripples bright
A dragonfly, alighting on my shoulder, bade me take flight
and join with him in coupledom
to skim the waters skin in loves entwine

I, too solid, cruelly anchored to the bank, stayed silent ‘til
perceiving that my stupor was refusal and accepting of his fate
my erstwhile suitor left to seek a lighter and more agile mate

A cry burst from my lips: No! Wait!
My love!
Please stay!
Oh Bronzed Adonis! Bide a while upon the water’s edge
and I will shed this flesh
In burnished armour clad,
And gladly barter forty years as humankind
against one day with thee
as clasp’d in fierce embrace
we’ll dance
To life, to death, and to eternity

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