Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Salmon

Thank you, Thank you, little Parr
for leaping on my maggot 
with the recklessness of youth,
in truth I was fishing for a grayling or a trout,
when I trotted out my waggler down the river.

When I hooked you I mistook you 
for a minnow.
Then I held you, said hello, 
returned you to the rushing flow-
Now, I shall name you SALMON.

Salmon’s what your parents were,
and Salmon you shall be
so when I chant the litany
of all the species I have caught,
ordered alphabetically,
after the golden red-finned Rudd
there you will be.

I have caught a Salmon.

I’ll hope that no-one ever asks
“How big was it?”
for that,
my little Parr,
will be our

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