Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Love Story

He said “stay the night”
She heard “for life”
She said “I’m pregnant”
He heard “you’re trapped”
He said “is it mine?”
She heard “you’re a whore”
She said “we should get married”
He heard “my dad’s real mad”
He said “Ok”
She heard “I love you”

She said “the baby’s crying”
He heard “it’s all your fault”
He said “I’m going out”
She heard “I don’t care”
She said “I’m too tired”
He heard “get it elsewhere”
He said “it’s the baby”
She heard “you’re fat”

He said “I love you”
She heard “I’m feeling guilty”
She said “you’ve been cheating”
He heard “I spied on you”
He said “you’ve been snooping”
She heard “yes, I have”

She said “I’m leaving you”

He heard the quiet click 
as the door closed behind her.

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