Thursday, 7 April 2011

Now here's a thing.............

I have occasionally come home to find the kettle on. Unusual, as if it had been on since I left for work I would expect it to have cut out or burned out. I dismissed this oddity, and even when a neighbour reported that things were switched on in his flat I thought he must be mistaken- he did drink a lot, after all. I was in another flat downstairs one day and as I left I passed the bathroom and can confirm that there was no sound coming from in there. Immediately afterwards Ken, who lives in that flat, went to the bathroom and the radio was on, playing loudly. What makes this really weird is that the radio isn't switched on by a button press, it has an old fashioned dial which goes click to turn it on then you continue to turn to increase the volume. It hadn't been used for days- how did it come on, with a loud volume, in minutes? We often laughed about the poltergeist in the flats, who goes around helpfully switching things on; it must know when I'm due in from work and is trying to make a welcoming pot of tea! 
Then, tonight.............
Ken and I went to get a chinese takeaway. Ken put some plates to warm in the oven before we left but as we got in to the car he said "Oh, I didn't switch the oven on". I said we should leave it and just go for the food, so we did. When we got back I walked into Ken's kitchen and saw that although the main power switch on the wall was on, all of the knobs on the cooker were definitely turned to the 'off' position. I switched off the wall switch, opened the oven---and almost burned my hand on the hot plates! I looked again at the switches, which I had definitely not touched, and they were all off. I was first into the kitchen so I know Ken hadn't turned the oven off. I got a cloth to handle the plates, we unpacked our takeaway, and politely said "thank you" to our helpful ghost before we ate our meal.

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