Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ok so its Mothers Day...

Two Mother's Day offerings, first this old thing, recycled..............

A mother is the carer
Who makes everything alright
Or gets told off by teenagers
For staying out all night

A mother does the housework
So that all is neat and clean
Or lies down watching football
and keeps swearing at the screen

a mother cooks your dinner
roasts and pickles
fries and bakes
or thinks essential shopping’s
german wine and jaffa cakes

a mother buys you clothes to wear
and knows what’s best for you
or has leopard printed knickers
and a Motorhead tattoo.

When I first wrote it, some years ago, friends would read it and every one said "have you got a Motorhead tattoo?" As if the mother in the second half of each verse was so obviously me. What can I say.....

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