Friday, 29 April 2011

William and Catherine got Married

When Cath set eyes on Bill
he was in uniform,
just back on leave a little while,
and next time he came home they wed,
no time to wait in wartime.
You never knew, you know?
A forties wedding
home-made dress and ration cake
with garden flower bouquet,
then he had to go away.
When he came back
she realised
she didn’t know him, really,
but they rubbed along alright,
until he died, in 1975.

Cathy was a swinging chick,
a sixties girl with bouffant hair
and pale pink lips.
Billy took her on his scooter
each weekend,
to Brighton or Southend,
though her dad
was not best pleased.
Soon, a baby on the way,
they settled down 
to married life,
Cathy loving every bit
of being a mother 
and a wife,
while Billy serviced 
motor cars 
for Ford.

Katy, full of confidence
in her abilities,
believed in meritocracy, 
and money.
It was Thatcher’s Britain after all,
where finance ruled. 
She chose her course with care,
deciding that the city would appeal
to her mendacity.
Then at a party, meeting Will,
a rugger bugger he,
clean cut, strong and buff.
A golden couple they became
with rosy future beckoning,
though she didn’t
take his name.

In April now, Two Thousand and Eleven,
a different century,
and predictably our nineteen-eighties
golden couple broke apart.
Katy’s on a holiday to get away
from all this royal wedding fuss
and also as she knows
her ex, her Will,
will be ubiquitous
his sports career 
has set him up in media
and she really doesn’t want
to see his so-familiar face
in forty six inch digital HD.

Cathy is a royalist right through,
a gran as well and even, now,
with little baby Tyler,
a great-grandmother, too.
She’s been baking for a week
and everything’s decked out
in red, white and blue.
Everyone is coming to the party
although Billy 
would be happy
down the pub
he’s not allowed, today,
and secretly
he’s rather proud-
Our Cathy
puts on a good spread.

In the care home, Cath
has been put
with a forgotten cup of tea
in front of the TV,
flag in hand,
though she doesn’t really
what’s going on.
Now a memory is stirred
and anxiously she asks
Where’s Bill?
When’s he coming home?
They don’t tell her that he’s dead,
she’ll only get upset, again,
so pointing to the screen
the staff say
Look, Cath, Look,
William and Kate,
its their big day,
their Wedding Day

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